World Champion

It’s not every day that you get to watch a world champion dance live. Seeing as I have free entry to the Easter show and the dancer in question is my niece, I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to go see her.

This also provides an opportunity to catch up with my sister in law. Which will be interesting because she’s never met me. Oh she knows about me. We’ve talked about me, but we’ve never had the opportunity to meet….unlike my niece and I.

My niece and I met when one school holiday when she came over to our place. I was at work of course and so when I came home, I was Loretta. My niece was confused, disbelieving and amused. And she was fine with it all.

I rushed to make it to her performance as it was a work day and the performance was at 330pm. I took my bike but still after parking virtually outside the gate I still had quite a walk to get there. Good thing I was wearing “sensible footwear”. At least that’s what my doctor called them. I chose to ignore the irony she implied though. Peach coloured 4.5cm mules with a block heel… Pretty and practical, even if they do come with a speed limitation.

I made my way past the showbag halls, past the fashion exhibitors, found my way to the ferris wheel and then on to the amphitheatre. I made it on time. A quick scan showed no sign of my sister in law, so I knew that my niece wasn’t on in this half hour so I went back outside to find them as I knew they would be doing a last minute walk through of the routine.

And there they were, One practising, one talking with another dance mum. I waited in the shade for the other dance mum to leave, and when she did I took the opportunity to go and say hello.

“Hi Sis!”, She looked at me with a look on her face which said, “who the heck are you?” Then finally after a few seconds the recognition kicked in. “Oh my God! Look at you all dolled up!” she gushed. And I guess I was, full makeup, cute peach top, my smoking hot white skort, and my peach ruffle mules. My Elle wig, necklace earrings and bangles.

All I needed was some nail polish and I really would have been complete. Maybe I’ll have to try nail polish again. Hopefully my nails don’t chip like last time. I guess it has been 6 months since I last used nail polish so maybe my nails have recovered.

We chatted for a bit and then my niece finished her run through and my sister in law called her over, “Look who’s here?” she squinted at me because she really should be wearing glasses and after a few seconds she said, “Aunty Loretta!” with a smile on her face. It was great to see her again, she’s often asked about, or called me Aunty Loretta, when I’ve been boy. And it’s do nice that she wants to know more.

Anyway it was all about the dance, so pretty soon she was off to the green room, and we headed to the audience. Not surprisingly Sis knew a lot of the mums there and thought she should introduce me at least to her good friend, Nam.

However, she wasn’t too sure how she should introduce me. I said that I was comfortable with whatever she wanted to go with. But she still wasn’t sure, so I suggested that I could be, “an old family friend.” Eventually she introduced us saying, “This is my brother in law, he likes to play dress up.”

OK, that was not quite what I was expecting. But it’s OK, I can roll with that. Of course Nam misunderstood and assumed she meant sister in law. It took a fair bit of convincing for her to understand that she did indeed mean brother in law.

I guess the interesting part of all this is how my sister in law perceives me. While she’s accepting, I don’t think she really understands at all. “You look like a real woman!” was her comment. Hey, I am a real woman, this is not dress up, this is just me.

My niece danced a Vietnamese themed dance, complete with the cute baskets, with her troupe of 12. To be honest it wasn’t her best dance, but I think it’s a tricky thing to do when it wasn’t a compulsory attendance. You never know how many dancers you’re going to have. Nevertheless it was great to see her dance again.

Photo by Julia Caesar


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