Internet problems

Ugh! Everyone hates internet problems. And I’m one of that select group that hates it the most. “Loretta! The internet’s not working!” Great! do I look like I’m IT? Well I’m certainly not trained in IT, but being the kind of girl I am I’ll try and fix anything. And so as a result I’ve become IT even though I don’t know much about it.

And it’s the same at home, “Daddy! The internet’s not working.” and that could be either my son or my wife shouting! It’s just what you want to hear when you’ve been dealing with the same thing at work. But I digress.

Five down, one up… best! And that’s better than the 1.7 down, 0.7 up we were getting on ADSL. We’re using optus home wireless broadband but sometimes I’ve seen it give us 0.01 up! There’s something about how it has its speed capped that I’m sure is giving us grief.

Anyway it’s not good enough and we need to find something that works. I’ve seen optus mobile get 40 up at work do I’m sure there’s something better.

So it’s off to optus I go. There’s a 200gb Sim only, month to month that sounds like it might be worth trying as it’s only $70. Quite quickly someone comes to help me…..Unlike when I went to Telstra when there was only one person there. I thought they were a premium carrier. Well if you’ve got no customer service how can you be premium.

Anyway, the optus girl is helpful, although she doesn’t have all the answers, and she is trying to steer me into 2 year contracts which I don’t want. Eventually she swaps with her supervisor and she gets it, and has the answers I need, even if they’re not the answers I want.

We set up the account and she needs my ID, which I give to her. And….she doesn’t skip a beat. It’s like totally normal that my ID says boyname, male. We go on setting up the account, talking about bike riding, growing up in Japan, kids etc as we go. And then she freaks.

“I can’t believe you’re that old. You look so young!” I’m stunned and don’t know what to say except, “Thank you!” And she’s like “You must hear this all the time. Doesn’t everyone tell you this?”

I point out that, “um I don’t show most people my ID, so they have no idea. And then when I do show them my ID, it’s more like they can’t believe my gender. In any case I can’t believe they got my birth date wrong on my ID. I mean how could they get that wrong?”

We smile at each other and share a giggle.” It must be all that bike riding keeping you so fit and young.” I can’t argue with that so I don’t.

I’m not going to bore you with the rest of the internet story. Even if it did have a revelation for the geek girl in me. This experience was more about how being transgender was so easily accepted and normal. And that makes me happy. And of course, being told that the abnormal part was that I look a lot younger than I am makes me happy too. So that makes me double happy!

Photo by Michael Podger


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