Oh the things we girls do to look pretty! Makeup, pretty clothes, nice hair, sexy shoes, beauty salon, waxing…..and laser….ow!

Tomorrow is laser day. I’ve been going for about a year now, once a month. It’s quite effective although I did start from a not too hairy starting point. I’ve done knees – moderately successful; armpits – killer; upper lip and chin – not bad, it’s almost perfect.

Whilst most of the things I do add to my femininity, laser on my upper lip and chin subtract masculinity. And the effect that it’s had has been wonderful. It’s not the most comfortable thing to do. That ‘thump thump thump’ of the laser which feels like its punching you with its power is just something you would rather not have to do. But the results speak for themselves.

And there is nowhere that the results speak louder than upper lip and chin. At the moment I can only find one stray hair on my chin. Just one! Hopefully tomorrow’s treatment will take care of it, but it’s really no bother, but of course perfection would be nice 🙂

There are so many things that us transgender girls need to do to help us feel and look more feminine. And I’m sure that we all have different opinions on what’s the most important thing. But for me, this is it. The number one thing that makes me feel and look more feminine is laser…ow!

Ok so that’s feel and look combined. There is something that makes me feel more feminine though, and that’s perfume. If I smell girly, I feel girly. I’m a guess girl, and my scent is Dare.

You would think that wearing perfume all the time gets expensive. Surprisingly perfume has a lot of mileage. I’ve been wearing Dare for 17 months……and I’m still on my original bottle! $39 of perfume and I’ve probably got another 3 months before I get to the end. Great value, and my number one pick for making me feel girly.

While I’m at it I may as well throw in the number one thing that makes me look girly. Is it makeup? Is it boobs? Is it shoes? None of the above. It’s my wig! My wig always brings out the “Hi girl!” moment. Interestingly enough sniffing my perfume on me gives me the same reaction!

So there you have it…..My number ones!

Photo by Craig Lovelidge


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