My favourite café is busy!

I come to my fave café once a month. And this is exactly what my flat white looks like. They use Toby’s Espresso so it’s always a good cuppa. This is my breakfast stop before counselling. The staff are lovely and welcoming and I can always find a seat. However today I must be a little earlier as they’re busier than usual. Maybe there’s more people here because they’re not on their way to work yet? Luckily I’m wearing my favourite skort so picking a bar stool is no problem for me.

I’m a creature of habit, and the girls are getting to know me a bit, especially after last month’s credit card hidden in the hand stunt. It looked like I just waved my hand over the eftpos machine. But I had my tiny credit card in my palm….it had come unglued from my phone where it usually sits (note to self: stop putting phone in bra when you don’t have pockets or handbag!). And they were shocked and were wondering how I did it so I showed them. And now they really remember me.

It’s supposed to be another hot one today. 35 is the forecast….. and it’s April! How crazy is this? Mid autumn and it’s 35? Well we’ve already had one day this hot already this month so I guess we’re going to have to get used to it!

Counselling this morning was good again. Having a time and space to think about what’s going on in my life and what I need to work on is invaluable. How good would it be if everyone had a counsellor to speak with? Free counseling really is one of the best perks of being transgender.

This month my focus is on my son. He seems to be fine with my girl side. However his rediscovered friendship with the neighbours brings complications. With my current routine it would be a matter of when the neighbours found out about me, not if. Now in general that’s not a huge worry for me. But I think it could affect my son in terms of teasing and bullying. And I don’t want that to happen.

So for the time being I might need to change from being Loretta at work and come home as boy. That after school time is the time I’d be most likely to run into the neighbours so it’s probably a case of being safe rather than sorry. Easy enough to do when I’m riding to work……but if I’m on the bus…… might be tricky!

Photo by Nathan Dumlao


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