What to do with my hair?

So I’ve been thinking about what I should do with my hair. You see I wear a wig to work all the time. And while that’s fairly easy to do, it gets quite expensive because wigs wear out quite quickly when you’re wearing them day to day. And they wear out even more quickly because I ride my bike with them and the wind really wrecks them 😦

So today I’ve started to grow my hair rather than cut it short like I usually do. The hairdresser suggested that I should grow it to bob length and then put in extensions. I’m not sure if I’ll go with extensions, but I’m going to try growing my hair longer. I guess if it doesn’t work I can just chop it off.

This has been something that’s been at the back of my mind for a while and I’ve been incredibly indecisive about it. I mean I’ve been getting short haircuts but have been keeping the hair in front of my ears longer. It looks pretty strange like that. But I have a feeling that if I continue to grow my hair, then there’s going to be quite a lot of time when it’s going to look a lot strange!

I guess when I’m in boy mode I’m just going to have to wear it in a ponytail. Or maybe I should do something androgynous with it, rather than grow it long. I don’t know for sure…the options, the options!

But it’s not that simple. You see being a boy I’m at that age where my hairline is receding. Will I look any good with long hair with a receding hairline? Or is that a whole new wig world?

Regardless it’s time to retire Elle. It’s very sad 😦 She’s been my favourite wig so far. But she’s gotten a bit loose and the ends are all frizzy and knotty. So today I’m wearing Isabelle, and she feels new and fresh. But I’m not used to the way she falls and she’s a lot like Angelique in how she keeps falling in my face.

Sadly Elle only made it to ten weeks, which at the price is great value 🙂 I just wish that wigs lasted longer! I really must get spotlight back into the rotation. No point having an expensive wig and not wearing her. She’s probably only had six wears and a wash so maybe she’s next on the list? She’s also a dark dark brown and while the colour is ok I prefer off black.

I actually have two more wigs to try as well. Hayley who is long and straight and off black. And Layla who is medium length and espresso. From the same company that did Elle, so cheap but not long lasting. I’m not as confident about them as Elle, or even Isabelle, but at the price I have to try 🙂

The silver lining is that I have two more Elles to wear as I snapped up the last two in stock 🙂 But with all these other wigs it might be 2019 before I do Elle again.

Photo by David Yanutama


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