For a long time I’ve wondered why Loretta is around now, she’s been in the background for so long, but then all of a sudden she was desperate to start really living. I had thought that maybe it was my mid-life crisis, but I dismissed that pretty quickly. Then I thought it might have been a control thing….but it wasn’t.

No there’s another reason and I think this is really the reason why. Now please don’t misunderstand. I’m not blaming anyone, it’s just how I think it happened. And I wouldn’t change a thing anyway. It is what it is. I am who I am.

Loretta has been a part of me since my childhood. She may not have had her name back then, but she was a regular visitor. I don’t think there was a month that went by without her appearing.

And she continued to be part of my life through my school and university years. Then through my years of marriage and having a family, although she was very much hidden from most almost everyone.

So what happened? Life happened. I’m a giving sort of person. And that even shows through in my working life as I’ve spent much of my life working for a not for profit organisation. I’ve worked for large commercial organisations but I’ve found that I really needed to work for a place with a purpose so that I could not only work but also give back to the community.

I give myself to my little family and to my extended family too. And after giving myself to work, and to family I think I forgot to give to myself. Especially after my son came along.

So after years of forgetting to give to me, Loretta stepped in. I think she knew that I needed to look after myself too. And she knew that she was just the girl to make sure that I pampered myself and got to experience things that were on my bucket list….like piercing my ears!

By becoming Loretta I really had to give a lot of time to me. There’s so many things for me to learn and practice. And just becoming Loretta every morning takes me half an hour of just concentrating on myself. I guess that’s my me time.

To be Loretta I really have to indulge myself. I mean all that shopping for pretty clothes! And shoes! And makeup! And jewellery! And finding time to practise my new voice. It all takes time, so now I’m spending some time on me ☺️.

And then there’s this. My blog. My Life of Loretta. How more self-indulgent can I get than to write about my thoughts and feelings. Yes I’m spending a whole lot more time taking care of myself. It’s no wonder that I love being Loretta.

Photo by Léonard Cotte


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