I’m articulate?

Last week I happened to spend some time with my sister. Usually we only spend minutes together. One of us leaving when the other arrives at mum’s place. But today was different. We were both there for a few hours at the same time. So my sister got to hang around with Loretta, which doesn’t usually happen.

The big difference this time was not how I was dressed, but more about how I spoke. I certainly sound different as a girl. The thing is that my sister said that I sounded more articulate, and not so Australian.

Hmmm, that’s interesting! I know that growing up trying to fit in with my Aussie peers I did learn to speak like them. And I know if I really want to, I can certainly turn on the ocker.

But as Loretta? She certainly doesn’t speak ocker. And she is a lot more careful with her words and pronunciation. But articulate? I had never thought my voice would be described as articulate. But I guess that’s who I am as Loretta. I try not to have rough edges and I try to be as feminine as I can without being saccharine sweet.

So which voice is the real me? I’m not concerned about the boy voice or the girl voice. But is it the more articulate voice or the more Aussie voice? I know it’s not the ocker voice.

There’s definitely a softer side to me, which Loretta has been showing. But this softer side also appears on the boy side sometimes too. So I guess my real voice is actually this more articulate voice. How crazy is that?

Photo by Bewakoof.com


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