Modelling revisited

On the weekend I got to see the results of our modelling work. The results were really good, but sadly only four of the twelve models came back to see the results. A bit tricky to coordinate us all again I guess, but lucky for me the timing was great..l

I got to meet Rose, Rachael and Daniel again, which was especially good because I didn’t get to chat too much with them at the shoot. The photos were great! There were some really good ones that the gender centre can use. And I think that all of us will have a photo used somewhere.

However some were more photogenic than others. Charlize and Daniel really had an affinity for the camera, and I think they will be featured quite heavily. Even I should make the cut, probably a shot with a bicycle of course 🙂

Then there was the video. One minute long but a lovely piece of work. Rose probably had THE moment in it with her smile following a make over. Followed by Sabs and Daniel who had a ball clowning around. And finally Charlize, who obviously loves being in front of the camera. We all looked great and it was a wonderful video, which I got to take home.

It was a wonderful and rewarding experience and I really enjoyed it and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Photo by Robert Knapman photography