Oh it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. I guess life has been pretty normal. Well as normal as it gets for a bigender girl. And of course normal means going to see my counsellor regularly …. except not this month. Sadly she’s sick, and my appointment has been cancelled. I hope she’s feeling better soon!

Anyway, today is WINDY +++++!!! We might rival Chicago, it’s that windy. Of course for girls like me, that can cause some hair issues. OK for most girls it causes hair issues. But for me it’s really wig issues. I’ve never had my wig blow off before. But it’s never been this windy. So I’ve gone down the bobby pin route. I have so many in that I feel like a pincushion! And while I’m just being paranoid about “losing my hair”. The real problem is hair blowing in my face, and just anywhere and everywhere.

Ponytail? Yes an easy fix. However my ponytail wig has seen a lot of action and is not looking quite so fresh anymore. My current look is back to Elle. So a cute bob where I have hair covering my right eye a lot of the time. In the wind it’s not so much fun. So I’ve had to find a solution, which is my coral headband. It’s a little faded, but my hair is staying out of my face. And let’s face it, I still look cute 😊

It’s getting close to Christmas which means time to put up the tree and of course our advent soldier…..which needs filling of course. The lindt rectangular chocs fit perfectly in the little drawers so a trip to Birkenhead was called for. Little did I know that I would get a bargain because it was black Friday. Normally $100kg but today I got a box for $17…..I think I have 500g 😁

Well I made up for that bargain at lunch. I met up with some old friends for lunch at Kingdom of Rice, in Mascot, where surprisingly we did not have rice! The food was delish, but a combination of ordering a bit too much food and some premium prices meant that lunch ended up costing $60. Ouch! But it was certainly worthwhile given that I could catch up with old friends. We need to do this again soon!

Having said that it was quite a trek to get to lunch. I’m still trying to get home an hour and a half later. Castle Hill was much quicker even though it was a lot further!

Photo by Lisa Woakes

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