What are the odds?

So I remember thinking years ago, long before I realised that I was transgender, “I wonder who in the family is LGBT?” I didn’t know about the I or the Q or the rest of the alphabet at that stage. But hey this is Sydney where there is a huge LGBTIQ community. So realistically there must be someone in the family who is LGBTIQ?

I mean not just my sisters and their families. But also my uncles, aunties and the very extended family. I’d never actually heard that ANYONE was LGBTIQ. Which statistically speaking was extremely unlikely. Apparently 11% of the population are LGBTIQ so that means within my sisters and my families there must have been one person right? Little did I know that it was me!

Well that solved the smaller statistical equation, but my extended family has over a hundred family members so there must be 10 of us who are LGBTIQ right? Well I guess that we’re well hidden because I don’t know of anyone apart from me.

Even I’m fairly hidden. Oh my close family know. As do most of my close uncles and aunties, and some of my close cousins. I’ve been working through letting them know, because one day I’m sure I’ll run into them.

In my working life I’d say only 6% were openly LGBTIQ so even at that rate there should be another 5 in my extended family but no, if there are then they’re definitely hidden. Maybe it’s a Chinese thing?

Anyway this hidden thing can’t be good either for the community or for the individual. And I guess until we’re all confident to show who we are it’s hard for us to make real progress in being accepted.

Thank goodness for Mardi-Gras. Thank you to all who marched and supported the event tonight. Together we will make the difference.

Happy Mardi-Gras!


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